Best ways to store Berries?

By March 21, 2022Uncategorized

We often get asked about the best way to store berries when we get them home from the store.

When you buy Blueberries you are looking for berries that look dry and plumb and have a white coating on them called bloom.  Bloom is really important in maintaining blueberry freshness, it is nature’s way of keeping the berries fresh – so the more bloom the better!

Your blueberries are best stored in the fridge. When stored fresh and correctly, you can enjoy your blueberries for 5-7 days. You can also freeze Blueberries to use later on in things like smoothies and baking.  Just don’t rinse them before freezing.  In fact berries are better just given a gently rinse before eating them.

When picking Raspberries look for plump and bright coloured berries, keeping in mind that some varieties are naturally a darker red. Store raspberries refrigerated in the punnet they are purchased in and again like blueberries don’t wash them before storing them in the fridge, just give them a gentle rinse before you eat them. Raspberries are best consumed fresh within 1-2 days of purchase.