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At Smart Berries, we are berry passionate about growing the best tasting and best quality berries. Smart Berries are all grown naturally and new varieties are developed the good old fashioned way, which means no genetic modification.

Smart Berries is one Australia’s largest and innovative berry growers.

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We only grow and pack the best tasting and yummiest varieties of berries.

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Our range of berries include: blueberries, raspberries and soon to arrive, blackberries.

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A handful of health

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Blueberries are becoming an increasingly popular addition in the diets of many due to their acclaimed health benefits, sweet flavour and versatility. So, what is it that makes blueberries so good for you? Foods high in antioxidants are popular as they may prevent damage caused by free radicals. Research has…

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Oat and Blueberry Biscuits

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Looking for the perfect guilt free biscuits? Well here they are, these Oat and Blueberry biscuits are the perfect combination of sweet and nutty whilst still being filled with wholesome ingredients. These biscuits make for the perfect mid-morning or afternoon snack. Ingredients 1 cup flour 1 cup rolled oats ½…

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Blueberries can help lower blood pressure, research shows…

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Did you know a big helping of blueberries each day can improve blood pressure in healthy people, research shows.  Scientists tested the effect on healthy volunteers of consuming 200 grams, or two cupfuls, of blueberries for a month.   Over the course of the study participants’ systolic blood pressure was lowered…

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